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It can only offer some tools, angles, approaches that try to make life a touch better for you and people you care about.So even on my least optimistic days, when I question why I bother writing material that few people read, I remember something I fumbled at age 26, and think "if only I had known..." By sharing my experience, I hope to spare others some of the headaches I created for myself.”Since its launch in February 2013, Lulu, the mobile dating app for women to anonymously review guys and their romantic capacities (or shortcomings), has sent a panicked chill through many a man.By logging in through Facebook, women suddenly had access to profiles of their ex-boyfriends, best friends, and one-night stands.

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You can't avoid pain or mistakes, but you can shift the odds a little in your favor.

On Lulu, they could review them on a scale of one to ten and select any number of hashtags to describe them, including #Obsessed With His Mom, #Sleeps On The Wet Spot, and #Gone By Morning.