Muslim dating religion

02-Mar-2020 00:27

Once you feel you've known her/him well enough, you must declare if you're interested in her/him or not and planning a marriage.

This is so that the girl/boy won't be played around with.

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basically I'm just worried about my safety and if I should meet him.

At the same time I don't see why I shouldn't because I don't see why I need to be afraid it's just I've never knowing anyone from that religion before.

You can even search through our collection of other single Muslim users in order to get a better idea of what's out there waiting for you.

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Falling in love is obviously not forbidden in Islam, but 'dating' is not an Islamic term.

The Prophet taught that building a family is a virtuous thing and he suggested every Muslim to get married.

But I've been talking to a Muslim guy for a while now and he's coming to meet me and I have some doubts.

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