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Thie Author now takes his leave of his readeras wishing thctm all htappine&;w. exceedingt that which reason conced(es to any po\Xwiri' on the highway of nationsx alnd which frequent fy led to conllicts thfat ctausel an expeldit'ure of )bloodt and ttreasture, utterly (isplrop)ortioned to tim 3tlvantages thlat ('cat e' ar'ise0 fi'ot the 1maintf.e tlmt Ace of a useless and abstract right.It is aei'oss the w Vaters of this disputed oceanl1 that Nwe V shall attemp)t to conduct our t eaders, selectilng a petiod i1r our incidents that lias pecuttliar inte.rests ott every Amllericant, not only I}eeause it was the irth-t I F)Al.' i.WVith no otlher sails spread to thle action of thle ai I, than her' heav} y tmainsal, and one of those light jibs that pr)loeted fla' beyond hell bows, the v'essl'lidtd ove' thl.e wvater with a grace tand te cility fthat sece - ed n)agieal to the beholders who turned I their wonderintr looks froltx the schooner to each other, in silexnt tamazement.At length tile drover spoke it) a low, solemn voiee.. anld if that bit (craft h}as wood in her bottom like tile brigantines t hat ply bettween Lo.'on and the Fith at Leith, he's in muir danger than a prudet(lt mo)t could wish. he's hy thle big x'ock that shows his head when the tide runs low, but it's -no 1o001 tal man who can steer long in the road he's jour I."'; should tlhink it woul(t he thle water of tthe s: sire, ltiyout cunnin is also eqluat to tetliiln!tme how long: wte shl sjaltl ourn toetherl', it' I make ytou a prisonter, il orlder to enjoy thie benefit of youtl wit?

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i'll lt meat stowed away under that row of bustles, that would make a double ration to all hands in the Aril.1") 'ithe midstiii)r an laughed, as he pointed out te Barnstablet the object of the eockswain's solicitude.The Author wishes to express his regret, that the daring andl usefil services of a great portion of our marine in the old war shoult d e suffered to remafin in the obscurity undert which it is now blit iedetl.Every one has hearid of the victory of the Bon-tomme Richlardl, butt howv little is known of the rest of the life, and of tihe imtport(ant services of the retmartkabl.e man vlwho conmmlanded in our behlalf, in that memorzable combat.was about to protcedl Wit}h ttis iltttert'rogatoii s'le singltart' agitation of thie strangem('s $ framte however', eaitsed tile lieuteniatt to contil}(uc silent a tewx V t1not]lel:lt S longelt, wviet, to his utter amaze.

tent, hte tdiscoveredt l that ll'what e I h d h ltistal K('it f'Gr da101), w\s pl)roduccd by an etndeavoul', otli'tle l)at't of the youth.

Merry," returned( the (eoc-kswain, wnithoutt a nmuscle of his hard face yieldilng, as h struck tle endl of his htarpoon violently against tile earth, and then mlade a tmo(ion towards poising the weapon; "let (Capltailn.

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