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I spotted the first of these very small fish and set up my camera for the shot.

Just as I was about to take a picture, a second goby came out of nowhere and sat on the first one.

Instead, they hide behind one another to form a spherical bait ball, a shape which allows for the protection of the most fish.

In some cases, however, predators have adapted in order to get their food despite the movement of their small prey..), found in the Red Sea, has light-producing photophores along its ventral surface (belly), and a nasal light organ that acts like a headlight.

By analyzing this moray's DNA and comparing it to DNA from known morays in the Caribbean, they will determine if this small eel is a juvenile of a known species.) was one of the specimens Smithsonian scientists collected from the deep reefs of Curaçao on a 2011 research trip in the southern Caribbean.

In this large family you can also find the smallest fish.

The gobies in this photo are about one inch long (2.5 cm), and most in the family are less than four inches.

The fins of the frogfish are perfect for creeping around in the algae and stalking unsuspecting prey.

Off the coast of Belize, Smithsonian Marine Science Network postdoctoral fellow, Seabird Mc Keon, studies floating seaweeds and the minuscule animals that call them home.See more bizarre-looking ocean life in a slideshow of the scariest monsters of the deep-sea and learn more about the deep ocean in the Deep Ocean Exploration section.)!