Ochocinco dating reality show girls

03-Oct-2019 00:50

After collaborating with his boys, Chad called the girls together for the big cut.

He explained that they'd be ranked from 1-16 in a bracket style tournament.

Chad arrived at the house tuxed up looking like a million bucks. Katie is a lanky country girl who claims she can't dance because she's white. She essentially backed out saying that she was there for Chad. Tara is Candice's blonde competition and wins by a landslide.

A live band played and most of the girls wore their designer dresses very well. She could have at least faked some confidence; she was lucky that it didn't thwart Chad's interest in her. O.'s tactic of help was trying to get the ladies' digits. But it was clear that she was star struck, and if the cameras weren't there, T. However, Tara admitted to having never dated a black guy before.

Thats neither here nor there, because I'm more concerned with the fact that out of these 85 women, there were 17 women chosen -- 15 of which were either white or spanish.

The remaining two girls were of Negro descent, one of whom had remnants of a micro braid lace front…(ewwww). Whether she did or did not we would have to ask her or Mr. Now if you remember a few months ago Chad was running around bouncing checks to groupies across the US.

Rubi was picked as #1 and he went all the way down the list until two were left. Chad suggested the viewers start an "Ochocinco bracket" at the office and said, "Don't just watch the show, make money off of it! The show ended with Chad and his ladies in a huddle. Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch airs Sundays at 9/8c on VH1.

The Hugging Sled, the End Zone Dance and the Battle Head to Head (trash talking) were the three stations for the girls to tackle.

Finally, after some sorry catches, whack dances and corny jokes, 17 girls made the Ochocinco squad and put their name on the roster.

His favorites were Latin beauties Angela and Rubi, as they were the first among his picks for the team.

I honestly expected the final group of girls to be the cream of the crop, but only half of them met that standard.

When he didn't like what he saw, he leaned in close and whispered, "Sorry baby girl, you're cut".