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29-Jul-2020 12:26

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Cover up and B around long enough to B enjoy it, whether it B wit a white guy or blk guy.... after a lil chat your gut will tell ya if u can trust him or not. clearly there is a higher risk of STDs if u let him suck it with no condom, but they are no serious ones.

And white sex is not any better then any other sex, and i love me some sex. you're a sloppy, disgusting, black, ugly ass faggot who desperately needs some attention and a hot oil treatment.1346653403 first, get to know somebody b4 u start messing with him... personally, i cant enjoy a blowjob with a condom on, but i got friends who only let them suck with a condom on.

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guys who do bare with strangers are either foolish or already sick with the worst diseases. I guess they could have caught something and just don't broadcast it. nd then some of ur friends, also may b on the low and they are not talkin/telln u or any one about that. I'm on the low and i have dudes that i have suck me and one guy, married and on thje low that i fuck(with a condom). my boys seem to not have this problem though they probably should be more cautious but all they are afraid of is getting a girl pregnant. I've been so stuck on how I'm so different because I like dudes that I didn't even consider they got the same problems but with bitches.

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