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22-Oct-2020 15:12

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This could be a one-off customer or a repeat customer.

Either way, they’ve bought something from you and they’re unhappy about it and really becoming a jerk to you.“Unhappy customers can be challenging and unpleasant, but it is always better they speak up and let you know they’re unhappy because the alternative is they say nothing to you, spread bad word-of-mouth or defect to the competition,” says Winch.

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” (Client agrees) You (Resolve): “We’ll have it ready then.” However, Taylor says that if their jerky behavior is fast becoming a toxic habit, then consider an in-person discussion with the client, and establish regular meetings.

“Are they feeling territorial because they’ve lost power or prestige? Often a surly coworker has some backstory that’s worth exploring before you take it too personally.

And the behavior may not even be directed solely at you.

“No one wants to risk job security, stature, clients, relationships, or ‘things,’ so the safest path is to do nothing, until a situation implodes.

It’s much easier to walk away and hope things will work themselves out–but that’s wishful thinking, and how problems fester.”Instead of risking a meltdown, here are Winch’s and Taylor’s advice for how to best deal with the workplace jerk in your life.

“Your company must have scripts and resolutions for worst-case scenarios.

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