Radgrid objectdatasource not updating

28-Jan-2020 08:34

Just one a glitch when it comes to fetching grid with sorted columns.With our application architecture and website page layout complete, we're ready to start exploring how to accomplish a variety of common data- and reporting-related tasks.This will automatically create a Bound Field in the Grid View for each property returned by the data from the Object Data Source's method (namely, the properties defined by the Products Data Table).Figure 6: A Grid View Has Been Added to the Page and Bound to the Object Data Source (Click to view full-size image) You can then customize, rearrange, or remove the Grid View's Bound Fields by clicking the Edit Columns option from the smart tag.You can, however, configure the Object Data Source through its properties, either through the Properties window or directly in the declarative markup.Simply set the Even if you prefer the Configure Data Source wizard there may be times when you need to manually configure the Object Data Source, as the wizard only lists developer-created classes.Add a Grid View control from the Toolbox to 's design surface.

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If the "Show only data components" checkbox is checked, the drop-down list on this screen lists only those objects that have been decorated with the attribute to the Business Logic Layer classes you won't see them in this list.

In the previous tutorials we've seen how to programmatically bind data from the DAL and BLL to a data Web control in an ASP. This syntax assigning the data Web control's method was the pattern used in ASP.

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