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After an execution, which occured on a “scaffold” (the same term used for a theatre’s stage), the offender’s remains were displayed as a warning to citizens.Bear- baiting was a popular pastime, in which bears and dogs fought to the death.This, he hopes, will buy her time to escape the arranged marriage and reunite with her husband.The Friar promises to send word to Romeo, informing him of the plan.Instead, it ends on a note that is marked by the reality of combustible tinder being present underfoot and therefore of potential future violence. A spark will be all that is needed, but perhaps the desire to light the fire has been extinguished. —Christopher Du Val, Director is often deemed a love story: two people fall head over heels, defy their families and die tragically.However, focusing exclusively on the couple’s passion overlooks the undeniable landscape of violence at the play’s core, which manifests itself in the Montagues’ and Capulets’ ancient grudge.The scheme goes awry when the Friar’s message to Romeo remains undelivered.

And yet, there is also untold beauty all around us: social, political events and funerals that reflect great hope, honor, and sacrifice; evidence of civil and compassionate discourse; social and personal evolutions that seem to offer light in the face of a history of recent darkness.Romeo’s friend Mercutio, surprised by Romeo’s sudden sympathy for a Capulet, steps into the fight and is fatally stabbed by Tybalt. Juliet learns that her parents have arranged for her hasty marriage to a family friend, Paris.She seeks counsel from the Friar, who gives her a drug to induce a death-like state.From the moment Romeo and Juliet first meet, they fall passionately in love despite their families’ historic feud.

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The lovers’ oaths are soon tested by forces beyond their control, and bitter division threatens to eclipse young love.

Although its origin is unknown, the feud dominates every interaction in Verona: the public brawls, Tybalt’s rage, the secret marriage.

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