Secular worldview on dating

14-Dec-2019 14:55

The logical links between these propositions are self-evident, internally consistent, and completely contrary to Christianity.

Since naturalism’s philosophy of history requires the best possible using the ‘clocks’ found in the rock and fossil records.

Despite claims of contemporary Christian scholars, logic demonstrates that an old earth is inextricably intertwined with the Enlightenment worldview of naturalism.

Since Christianity and naturalism are fundamentally at odds, the contrary is also true; belief in an old earth is with Christianity—a point reinforced by its own logic.

The strength of the link between deep time and naturalism is illustrated by the singular lack of effect on the timescale by the modern revival of catastrophism. Even catastrophic geologic processes do not affect deep time.

Science, the child of Christianity, is a valuable source of knowledge.Even secular scientists insist on a cosmic beginning.If matter is self-evolving, estimates of the time needed for evolution run in the billions of years.The cosmos is derivative, created out of nothing and subsequently sustained by unlimited divine power and wisdom.

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If physical reality originated with God, then the Christian epistemological emphasis on revelation marks its internal consistency.

That is why advocates of naturalism continue to affirm it, in spite of the problems with eternalism, evolution, and neocatastrophism.

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