Selecting a record that is updating

09-May-2020 02:33

* and others You do not tell us where your code above 'falls apart'.

Does it throw an error message or just not give you the answer you want?

Things like: * where does maxid 'live' * where is curid initialized going into the DO/ENDDO loop?

* is the data table ai_enc already open before the DO/ENDDO loop?

A filter condition should filter some table field, shouldn't it?

If progam is a table field you still don't need extra delimiters just because it's a reserved word.

DO WHILE maxid = curid SELECT era_proj_actuals locate for id1 = curid curprog = prog_id curservcat = serv_catcur1yrstartdt = oneyrstartdtcur1yrenddt = oneyrenddtcurconno = conno IF curservcat in ('00015', '00016', '00017', '00018', '00019', '00043', '00044', '00047', '00048') thencuractenc = (select COUNT(act_id) from ai_enc where conno = curconno and serv_cat = curservcat and 'program' = curprog and act_dt It would be easier to understand, if you come over with the SQL foxpro can't execute.

One thing I spot is you trying to set a variable to an sql result. An SQL ends in a resultset, even select count() dfoes not result in a single scalar value. into cursor cur Resultcuractenc = cur Result.n Count Besides that you can't do IF var in (list of values)What you can do instead is IF inlist(var, list of values)Besides I don't see a rough error.

selecting a record that is updating-38

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I'm able to do this in sql without any problems but very little translates over well from sql to foxpro.

IF INLIST(curservcat, "00015", "00016", "00017", "00018", "00019", "00043", "00044", "00047", "00048") = . The use of SET FILTER is not a best practice, particularly since you appear to be using it solely for the COUNT.

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