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I.) Greatest (1977) Greatest American hero (1981-1983) [TV Series] Greatest hits (see Up in smoke) Green Berets (1968) Green blizzard (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer) Green Christmas (see Tour of duty) Green dragon (2001) Green eyes (1/3/1977) [TV] Green fortress (North Vietnam, 1966) [Animated] Green lipstick (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer) Green melody (see Giai dieu xanh) Greeter (see Stingray) Greetings (1968) Grey matter (see Gray matter) Grey team (see A-Team) Gritos del silencio (see Killing fields) Grizzly (1976) Grosse Coup (see Charley Varrick) Grosse Frust (see Big chill) Ground zero (see Airwolf (second series)) Group (see Street justice [TV Series]) Grunen mutzen (see Green Berets) Grunen Teufel (see Green Berets) Grupo salvaje (see Wild bunch) Grusse (see Greetings) Guardians of night (see Raven) Guava season (see Mua oi) Guerillas without guns (see Nguoi khong mang sung) Guerra del cittadino Joe (see Joe) Guerra di Gordon (see Gordon's war) Guerriere de l'enfer (see Who'll stop the rain? 4 (see Ministry of vengeance) Helden von Heute (see Heroes) Hell camp (see Opposing force) Hell master (see Hellmaster) Hell no, nobody goes (see Activist) Hell on earth (see Hellraiser III) Hell on the battleground (1988) Hellmaster (1990) [Video] Hello, goodbye (see China Beach) Hellraiser III : hell on earth (1992) Hells angels in Vietnam (see Nam angels) Hell's chosen few (1968) Helvedes Karl (see Great Santini) Hemkomsten (see Coming home) Hen gap lai Sai Gon (Vietnam, 1990) Here is my country (see Xin nhan noi nay lam que huong) Here's another fine mess (see Matt Houston) Heritage (see Matt Houston) Hero (1992) Hero and a half (see Hero) Hero Giong (see Chuyen ong Giong) Heroes (1977) Heroes (1986) [TV] (see Hotel) Heroes blood (see 13th mission) Heroes de otra patria (Puerto Rico, 1998) Heroes from another land (see Heroes de otra patria) Heroes shed no tears (see Ying hsiung wu lei) Heroes without a cause (see Heroes de otra patria) Heros comme tant d'autres (see In country) Herr der Gezeiten (see Prince of tides) Herzflimmern (see Souffle au coeur) Hi, Mom! T.) Hitman (see American commandos) Ho Chi Minh Trail (see Police story) Ho sparato a Andy Warhol (see I shot Andy Warhol) Hoa ban so (Vietnam, 1994) Hoa binh (France, 1970) Hoa binh (2000) (see Chien tranh & Hoa binh) Hoa cua troi (Vietnam, 1995) Hoai Thu villa (see Biet thu Hoai Thu) Hoang Hoa Tham (Vietnam, 1987) Hoang hon nhiet doi (Vietnam, 1991) Hoi chuong mau da cam (Vietnam, 1983) Hoi duiong mau da cam (see Hoi chuong mau da cam) Hola, Mama (see Hi, Mom) Holle von Dien Bien Phu (see Jump into hell) Hollow point (1995) Holly's choice (see China Beach) Hollywood Knights (1980) Hollywood shuffle (1987) Hollywood strangler (see Don't answer the phone) Holmes is where the heart is (see Magnum, P. D.) I feel it coming (1969) I heard it was murder (see Simon & Simon) I love Lisa (see Simpsons) I miss you so (1967) I never wanted to go to France, anyway (see Magnum, P. D.) I pen wu yen (see Yi ben wu yan) I shall return (see Anh se ve) I shot Andy Warhol (1996) I spy (9/15/1965-9/9/1968) [TV Series] I, the jury (1982) I thought the war was over (see Simon & Simon) I was not born for imprisonment (see San bat cuop. Toi sinh ra khong phai de ngoi tu) I will come back (see Anh se ve) I will forget you (see Na ije neoreul ijeuri) I wish it would rain (see Tour of duty) I witness (see Magnum, P.

) Guerrieri (see Kelly's heroes) Guerrieri dell'inferno (see Who'll stop the rain? (1970) Hidden man (see Ironside) Hidden pearl (see Ngoc trong da) Hidden secret (see A Yank in Indochina) High desert kill (1989) [TV] High fashion murders (see Matt Houston) High ground (see JAG) High pressure and tidal wave (see Cao ap va nuoc lu) High stakes (see Manimal) High time (see Trapper John, M. I.) Holt Harry raus (see Let's get Harry) Holtpoint (see Point break) Holy day (see Ngay le thanh) Holy ghosts (see Vanishing son [TV Series]) Holy Lola (France, 2004) Holy war (1969) Home (see China Beach) Home (see Vietnam war story) Home for Christmas (see Riptide) Home free (see Visitors) Home free all (1983) Home from the sea (see Magnum, P. part deux (1993) Hot spell (see China Beach) Hot styles (see A-Team) Hotel (9/21/1983-5/5/1988) [TV Series] Hotel dick (see Magnum, P. I.) Ice (1970) Ice (1992) (see Lightning force) Ich, der Richter (see I, the jury) If...

(1969) Hair (1979) Halbblut (see Thunderheart) Half-breed child (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi) Half-pint (see Airwolf) The Halley microbe (see Rambo [Animated TV Series]) Hamburger hill (1987) Hampton Alexander (1973) The handed down sword (see Thanh guom de lai) Hangfire (1990) Hangmen (1987) Hanh, a teacher (see Co giao Hanh) Hanh dong (see Cao nguyen F 101. D.) I’ll come back in two years (see Hai nam nua anh ve) Illegitimate marruage (see Hon nhan khong gia thu) Illusion (see Manimal) Ils etaient cinq (France, 1952) I’m gonna get you sucka (1988) Immeuble (see Chung cu) Impossibilita di essere normale (see Getting straight) Impure thoughts (1986) In cerca di Mr. Goodbar) In chase of robbers (see San bat cuop) In country (1989) In dangerous company (1988) In der gewalt des Jenseits (see Jacob’s ladder) In gold we trust (Thailand, 1990) In love and war (3/16/1987) [TV] In plane sight (see A-Team) In Saigon, some may live (see Some may live) In search of the land (see Nguoi di tim dat) In search of the past (see Nguoi di tim di vang) In the bush (1999) [Video] In the city of Angels (see Moses : Fallen.Tap 2) Hanh, la maitresse d'ecole (see Co giao Hanh) Hanh, l'istitutrice (see Co giao Hanh) Hanh phuc qua dam may mau (Vietnam, 1996) Hanoi : winter 1946 (see Ha Noi, mua dong nam 1946) Hanoi Hilton (1987) Hanoi little girl (see Em be Hanoi) Happiness over colour cloud (see Hanh phuc qua dam may mau) Happy birthday… In the city of angels) In the eyes of the beholder (see Trapper John, M. D.) Island (see A-Team) It only hurts when I love (see Trapper John, M. I.) It’s a desert out there (see A-Team) It’s a vial sort of business (see Riptide) It’s a wise surgeon (see Trapper John, M.