Srs dating hrt well

07-Dec-2019 09:35

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One male transsexual regretted the decision to change sex and had quit the process.

Two transsexuals had still not had any surgery due to older age or ambivalence.

Findings around suicidal ideation and suicide attempt are presented and the impact of gender dysphoria, minority stress and medical delay, in particular, are highlighted.Methods: Facial Feminization Surgery outcomes evaluation survey and the SF-36v2 quality of life survey were administered to male-to-female transgender individuals via the Internet and on paper.A total of 247 MTF participants were enrolled in the study.Baseline factors associated with negative outcome (unchanged or worsened) were presence of a personality disorder and high number of fulfilled axis II criteria. Negative self-image, according to SASB, predicted a negative outcome, whereas DMT variables were not correlated to outcome.

Introduction: As referrals to gender identity clinics have increased dramatically over the last few years, no studies focusing on older trans people seeking treatment are available.We found no studies concluding that gender transition causes overall harm.

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