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Planispheres and star charts become more useful as you start to learn your way around the sky.Next is Venus which is easy to spot in the twilight hours when it is called the morning or evening star.Stargazing in winter on Exmoor is chilly but massively rewarding as Orion, The Hunter, comes into view in October.

Uniquely It takes even longer to spin on its axis, at 243 days.

If you follow the same two stars in the opposite direction they point to the constellation Leo, The Lion, and the handle of the saucepan points to Arcturus, which is the fourth brightest star in the sky.

The second star in the saucepan handle is actually twin stars, which can be picked out with binoculars.

Deneb also forms the tail of Cygnus, The Swan, which is also known as the Northern Cross, and flies along the line of our galaxy, the Milky Way, with its head pointing to the star Antares and its tail pointing back to Pegasus.

Albireo, which marks the head of the swan, is much fainter than Deneb but beautiful to view through a telescope, when it can be seen to be actually two stars, one amber and a smaller blue green one, usually regarded as the most beautiful double star in the sky.This is a “potted version” of things that I have found on the Web; I hope you find it useful and Happy Stargazing…Maybe come and join us one day!

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