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04-Oct-2019 00:06

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Sonny dates a guy who chad getsjelous over and he then kisses sonny and they start dating. I also know these couple are dating in real life aswell !!! sterling wants a girl to laugh at his jokes and Demi totally finds him funny.. She /is/was/isn't/wasn't dating with him who cares. and this News is old look at the details They wrote Demi Lovato(16)!! i think New Couple News probably be Demi and Joe is/was dating for right now Guess what I really don't even know but demi could be with any one she wants we(her fans) dont make her choice!She could be with the uglest guy in the world and I would be happy for her beacause she is an amazing beautiful great smart actress!” It’s just getting annoying and Demi will probably laugh at loud when she reads this. I think chad and Sonny are the cuttest couple around. So, sorry ladies, but, from what I’ve read, Sterling is taken by the beautiful Demi Lovato. I know for a fact that they do date in the film as it happens n episode 9 (sonny with a chance with love). For starters, Sterling is like 4 years older than Demi. And second, they don’t really look good together in real life. as i said they were dating a few months ago but i dont know if they still are.x Everyone here who is saying they aren't bc they are too different..can u call yourself a Demi fan. She's talking about how she's standing strong with a dude who's a trainwreck, someone who is her opposite and how she's in love. No, there is no evidence to show that her and Sterling Knight are dating, they might have some on- screen chemistry but in real life they're just friends.

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“No one knew Camp Rock would explode like it did.” says exec producer Brian Robbins (All That), who cast Lovato a year ago. XD demi and sterling are gone out in real life because i read that one of the co stars they work with said taht they are dating in real life but demi is on tour and steling is missing her and she just got invited back for anothre seanson and both of the stars are realy buzzin over that they get to see each other again there is no way sterling n demi r dating. ithink selena gomez is so sexy,she rocks and so did her performance i always loved her since wizards of waverly place you are amazing selena gomez iloveuuuuuuuuuuu.

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Demi Lovato and David Archuleta have a summer 2009 tour together, but they are most defiantly not dating.

I’m guessing you have also met Miley Cyrus at Millions of Milkshakes perhaps?

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: ) Is it normal that every single co-star are supposed to go out ? Though i don't think they'd suit at all,even though she is pretty and he is FIT!!

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