Straight girl dating ftm

17-Jul-2020 17:39

Anyway, I was talking to my therapist about my dating life and how my "internalized transphobia" is hampering my ability to put myself out there.

So, she posed a question:"Wouldn't a solution be to find a lesbian girl to date? These types of discussions can get somewhat charged.

Or if I really am the "one exeption" to the person.

I'm genderqueer though, so my gender is a bit flexible when it comes to things like these.

Though everyone (including myself) thought I was a woman then. Relationships are only really good if you both can be true to yourself in them.

But you're young and don't have the experience I have had. It really depends on the person, but for me, one of my primary requirements of my sexual partners is that they grok my gender identity.

For that reason, people who identify as heterosexual men, or as lesbian women are both basically off the table.

People who identify as queer, bisexual, fluid, non-label, gay men, heteroflexible men, dykes, what have you - are all in my range. I think that in relationships that started before transition can continue after transition even if the couple's orientations don't really match anymore - at that point they have love on their side.

But I did date and hook up with straight guys for a while. It's better to be single and focus on taking care of yourself than date and compromise yourself for it.He ended up seeing me as a girl despite claims of the contrary at the beginning of our relationship. It's too easy to hurt yourself when you open up and trust the wrong people...