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03-Oct-2019 14:54

If we for one moment look beyond external behavior and adjust our spotlight to what's going on on the inside of these children, we will see that the authoritarian parenting style may have severe existential and psychological consequences.

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"You mention nothing at all about getting high school or university counsellors, or Child Protective Services (or the local equivalent), or even the police involved, but for many people in abusive relationships, getting an external authority involved is the right thing to do.

This article is for young kids and teenagers growing up in a household with overbearing Asian parents, the sort that I describe in my Attention: Overbearing Asian Parents article.

In the three years since writing that article, I've received lots of email responses and discussion forum messages from the perspective of young adults who have been oppressed by their parents.

I offer in-depth parent coaching to help you regain your balance and get back in touch with yourself.

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From a place of inner peace and clarity, your will find your own answers which will help you reconnect with your child from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

In this way authoritarian parenting is conditional parenting: "If I behave, I will not be punished!

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