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It is important that members be able to attend at least 5 out of the 7 sessions.Members who sign up will be responsible for payment for all 7 sessions – whether or not you are able to attend all of them.

I also believed I owed it to my potential dates to be as honest with myself as possible.In addition to sharing your experiences with other gay men, you will learn valuable dating skills that will improve your sense of self-confidence, manage your dating anxiety, and understand how others view you online and in person.Each weekly discussion will based on a particular theme; some themes will include “Coping with Dating Exhaustion,” “Developing Your Online Persona,” and “The Art of Seduction.” The format of each session will be largely discussion-based.One of the special benefits of the group therapy experience is recognizing that many of your feelings are shared by other groups members.

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To further alleviate your concerns, each group member will have the opportunity to speak with one of the group therapists for a private initial discussion prior to the start of the group.

They’d be taking their cues from my words and actions, opening up to me, and — if all went well — believing in a future with me that only existed if I was truly ready. For nearly 20 years, I hadn’t gone on a single romantic date with anyone other than my wife, and now I was seeing someone else.