Telugu sex ant

10-Apr-2020 03:18

Many human cultures make use of ants in cuisine, medication, and rituals.

Most ant species are omnivorous generalists, but a few are specialist feeders.

Their long co-evolution with other species has led to mimetic, commensal, parasitic, and mutualistic relationships.

These parallels with human societies have long been an inspiration and subject of study.

Their ecological dominance is demonstrated by their biomass: ants are estimated to contribute 15–20 % (on average and nearly 25% in the tropics) of terrestrial animal biomass, exceeding that of the vertebrates.

Ants vary in colour; most ants are red or black, but a few species are green and some tropical species have a metallic lustre.

Sanskrit vamrah, Latin formīca, Greek μύρμηξ mýrmēx, Old Church Slavonic mraviji, Old Irish moirb, Old Norse maurr, Dutch mier.

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