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01-Apr-2020 18:58

[5]) Evolutionists have been unstinting in their praise of the discovery of Australopithecus ramidus However, there is reason, to challenge their claims and to suggest that the fossils actually represent a form of pygmy chimpanzee.

It is significant that, according to evolutionists, no fossils of chimpanzee have ever been found.

[4] (In late December 1994 a mandible and partial postcranial skeleton were found of what is thought to be the same type of individual.

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Colin Groves (Australian National University) said in The Canberra Times: “…the missing link is no longer missing”.

[7] Time magazine writes: 'Bones from the Ethiopian desert prove that human ancestors walked the Earth 4.4 million years ago' [8] Newsweek states: 'Ramidus confirms once and for all that the common ancestor lived just a little more than 4.4 million years ago.' [9] The facts themselves do not warrant the certainty found in the popular press.