Updating products in virtuemart

10-Jan-2020 20:32

updating products in virtuemart-86

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virtuemart_category_id[0]=29&Itemid=229&option=com_customfilters&view=products Cheers Hello, You may also try adding Product Variations via custom fields by following this article: This should help. version=1.0.651) at Object.a.event.trigger (js:2) at HTMLSelect Element. Cheers Hi I have removed the second code because the site is live. However the problem is not the code as that displays what I need it is the ability of the dropdowns to activate the Add To Cart button like in the product details page. There is no option in Themeler to display variants on product listing page. The second code displays the variants, but they don't have any effect. I'm a little bit angry about the behavior of the Themeler-Team, because that is a known problem since two years or longer and they are not interested for any solution ... I and audiodistribution as well as other paying subscribers using Virtuemart with Themler need to be treated with some respect and a decision made by Themler(Billion) so we can plan an alternative to using Themler and Virtuemart together.

Richard Hello, In general, there is no ajax problem with custom fields on Products template because custom fields are NOT SUPPORTED on the Products template.Hi I raised a post with Virtuemart as below to ask how to get variants working in product listings. topic=139001.0 They pointed out the functionality is working but my template does not display it.

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