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28-Sep-2020 05:26

Performance Dashboard is a new view in Azure Portal that provides the key information related to the performance of your database in one convenient place, including: Overview” settings entry, or via the new icon on the SQL Database main view: Clicking on the tiles on the Performance Dashboard will provide a deeper view into that specific area. Clicking on the Recommendations tile on the Performance Dashboard takes you to Azure SQL Database Advisor (formerly known as Index Advisor), which helps you achieve and maintain great performance for your SQL Databases by: Tired of managing the indexes for your databases?

Well you don’t have to do this yourself anymore - you can now tell Azure SQL Database that you’d like to automate the implementation of certain types of recommendations.

All it takes are a couple of clicks, and SQL Database will automatically implement the new recommendations of the selected type as soon as they are published. Clicking on the chart on the Performance Dashboard opens the Query Performance Insight feature, which allows you to understand what is driving your database resource usage and detect any query performance issues before they become a problem.

Query Performance Insight provides customers with: Query Performance Insight is built on top of Query Store and surfaces some of the top insights from the rich query performance data captured by the Query Store.

The reason this happens is twofold: 1) The internal DW rendering engine won't evaluate the javascript, but it will evaluate embed tags. when I take out the embed tags, iy just shows the code when I preview in IE, also, my images that are also links show as boxes with x;x in the corner, with the text link in the box but no image. just a box with a x in the corner Check the path to the image and check to see if you loaded the image to the server. Close this issue and open a new one if you need additional help.

This allows DW to display placeholders for the active content correctly 2) By writing both sets of tags, your content will play even for people with javascript disabled.

SQL Database helps you improve the performance of your databases by providing intelligent tuning recommendations via a new feature called Database Advisor.

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If you’re new to Azure SQL Database, sign up now for a free trial and discover how built-in intelligent capabilities of Azure SQL DB make it easier and faster than ever to build amazing database applications.

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