Variable accommodating resistance training machines

27-Jul-2020 08:02

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This result is most likely due to the inclusion of females in the data set, as they will have a more difficult time increasing upper body strength than men, in any type of program.Rest assured VRT will work for upper body training see this study.

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You can see in the image this athlete is using both forms of VRT.It was first use by the Soviets and Eastern Bloc countries as early as the 60’s, and has been made popular in the US by Louie Simmons, at Westside Barbell.West Side Barbell is probably the strongest gym in the world in terms of power lifting.In the squat both groups started at an average weight of 257 lbs.

In the control group their squat increased to 313 lbs, which is a great result.

It does work, and it can yield some amazing results.