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The only difference between the Startup and New Tab pages is that New Tab has a Top Sites section.This has thumbnails for some sponsored content, such as the Windows Store and Amazon, but will chiefly fill up with your most-visited sites.There’s also some horrible sponsored content links that feel a little out of place. If you’ve only just started using Edge, you won’t see any search engines to change to, or any way to add your own.You first need to visit the homepage of the search engine you want to add, which will make it mysteriously appear in Edge’s Settings marked as “discovered”.As you’d expect, Microsoft is keen to use Edge to point you towards its other services, as is Google – if you visit its web pages using Edge, they nag you to install Chrome, which doesn’t happen with Opera, Firefox or Vivaldi.If you select a word on a web page and right-click, there’s no option to search for that word with your current search engine – you can only “Ask Cortana” (or Bing if you’ve disabled Cortana).You access your bookmarks using a tabbed sidebar that also contains your history and downloads.Bookmarks are arranged in collapsible trees, which is neat, but there’s no option to open an entire folder at once in separate tabs.

This is a little hasty, since Edge actually has plenty to offer.One thing that may immediately annoy is the lack of a title bar for the Edge window.This means that if you want to drag an Edge window around your desktop, you need to use the blank bit on the right of the tabs bar, which isn’t always convenient.But why should Google enjoy a monopoly on such an important program?

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There are plenty of alternatives, all of which bring their own innovations to help you make the most of your time online.Clicking the star button provides a dropdown menu with the option to add the bookmark to one of your Favourites folders or your Reading List.