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27-Oct-2019 17:03

Added ability to define a corner to the “curve through points” tool or “curved column through points” tool.

To activate press “b” or the tool item “Activate corner” before clicking the corner point.

Note: Any one of the Embroidery Ware Updates are a complete version of the program. Added pan and zoom buttons to the lettering dialog.

You only need to install the latest one your updates date allows. Added duplicate and delete to the object pattern spacing dialog.

If you have a purchased version of Embroidery Ware, check your updates date on the Embroidery Ware startup screen.

The example below shows where the update date can be found.

Added new “Add Stitches To Line” type called “Emboss” this allows you to split the satin where you want it.

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This is useful for dividing a graphic up into equal parts.2018-08-06 v.2.8.1 Update Edge patterns now align to the start and end of a satin. 2018-02-03 v.2.6.6 Update Added photo render, changed add line, curve to allow multiple points, added more tools to tablet bars. Fixed slow regeneration of stitch patterns, fill, motifs in selection dialog. Added the ability to move, rotate, and scale children of graphic object (i.e. Added quick select in object browser, to use drag over the cell you want to select hide etc. Fixed PES import for colors out of the range 1 to 64. 2017-10-22 v.2.5.3 Update Added more end caps, improved speed, the added ability to turn off undo which improves speed for complicated designs, added freehand curves, added turn satin into an outline, fixed multihoops selection not being saved.2018-01-15 v.2.6.5 Update Added user manual and tutorial videos to help menu, added delete line to separate a graphic object, added new quick box to modify all selected graphics, added dynamic circular pattern and linear pattern features, added window select, adjusted behavior of freehand mode releasing mouse ends drawing, added add and remove anchors or tangents from all endpoints, added more tools to the tablet menus, added Satin Shapes (satin, zigzag, square). 2017-12-24 v.2.6.4 Update Updated the lettering dialog, multiple lines of text can be modified at one time. Improved motif fills jump threads reduced on holes. Fixed fill section ordering colors missing, fixed edit jump lines feature. Added the ability to add holes to satins and linesatins. 2017-09-19 v.2.5.2 Update Added end caps, added the ability to select multiple colors for better tracing, added turn satin into an outline, added new toolbar with quick menu items, added convert curve to line and vise versa. 2017-09-10 v.2.5.1 Update Added trace image dialog.Use the button below to download the last posted update for Rock Works16.

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The installer you’ll be downloading is the “Trial” version. For Automatic notification of updates, activate the “Check for Newer Version on Startup” setting in the Rock Works Preferences | General Program Settings menu.

2017-08-22 v.2.4.18 Update Fixed hoops no being able to be set. Added Right, bottom, center x and center Y to move by dimension dialog.

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