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Max spent first several years of his life in New York City, but then moved to Los Angeles, California with his parents, but there is no information about them, or if he has any siblings or not.

From an early age, Max was interested in acting and so started taking acting lessons, consistently honing his skills.

Gradually, his name was becoming more popular and he even started working as a writer, creating a couple short films – “Garden of Eden” and “Follow the Frog” – both successful.

The series is a spin-off of the fairly criticized documentary film “Catfish”, made by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, involving a young man named Nev, who was filmed while trying to make contact with young women through the social media platform, Facebook.

His first credited work was as the producer of the short film “Business of Death” in 2007.

The following year, Max worked on several short documentaries – “Good: Water”, “Good: Immigration”, “Good: Education”, “Good: Coal”, “Good: Alcohol Olympics”, and which continued into 2009, with short documentaries “Let’s Harvest the Organs of the Death Row Inmates”, “Good: Big Belly”, “Good: Atomic Alert”, “Good: Animal Guns, “Good: The Green Hotel”, and “Good: Drinking Water”, among other documentaries on which he worked either as a producer, director or editor.

But when Jude finds herself falling for a dude, all hell breaks loose in her world.

By contrast, reality’s not all that altered in director Patrick Chapman’s To Y.

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Maybe it is this that attracted his wife Priscilla.The film was a complete hit, though many tried to invalidate the authenticity of it, and the film spawned the spin-off series “Catfish: The TV Show”, which has recently completed its eighth season, with Max a writer, and co-host of the show alongside New Schulman.The two are the professional help for a person who wants to find out who is on the other side of the conversation on the popular social media platform.In each episode, Max and Nev face another challenge, but they are bound to discover who is the ‘other side’, and if the person’s identity is already known, Max’s and Nev’s job is to discover whether the person is speaking the truth about themselves or not.

His appearance on “Catfish” has made him a star in the reality TV world.Max has also directed a number of short documentary films, but also the full-length film “We Are Your Friends” (2015).

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