Who is lisa wu hartwell dating

08-Jun-2020 21:46

Regarding her build, Lisa has a voluminous body with a height of 5 feet 3 inches.

Furthermore, she is equally famous in social media as well.

Following that, she joined the rap group in Inglewood, California with her Chinese mother and an African father. Before prominence, she worked as a background dancer.

Lisa celebrates her birthday on January 23 and her current age is 45, soon to be 46.

The insider said Keshia would go in the back door while Ed entered through the front door of establishments.

Keshia, who was introduced to Ed by his ex-wife Lisa, began ducking and dodging Lisa after she started creeping with Ed.

The insider said Keshia and Ed dated for "2 or 3 months tops" before they got married.

He married ex-wife Sharon Millete Wu one month after they met in 2006.

My source said Keshia would creep around with Ed whilst he was engaged to his fiancée.

The source described Keshia sitting in the car while Ed dropped his son off at peewee league football.

Ed, who is unemployed, coaches his son, Edgerton Hartwell, Jr., in peewee league football.Together with her first husband, Sweat, she gave birth to a son named Jordan Sweat in “There is evidence that Father has been violent towards Mother, but no evidence he has ever been violent with any of his children.

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