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22-Feb-2020 02:54

Most times, this sort of accommodation is easily made and other employees with offices may offer use of their offices for the few minutes needed.

Keep in mind that if you accommodate prayers at work as required by an employee’s religion, other employees may approach you for permission to hold other types of religiously associated meetings.

The challenge, however, can be determining to what extent an employee’s religious objection to a particular work requirement is, in fact, “sincerely held.” One way to do that is to talk with the employee and find out what you can without pressing too hard on what may be private matters.

If it is a sincerely held religious belief or practice, employers must provide a reasonable accommodation.

For example, suppose an employee’s religion requires that he or she wear particular clothes that are considered hazardous if worn near moving equipment or machinery.

Unless there is another type of clothing that would meet the employee’s religious needs, permitting the employee to work in those clothes may be an undue hardship because of legitimate safety rules or regulations.

Employers are familiar with “reasonable accommodation” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“Reasonable accommodations” for religious issues is somewhat different under the discrimination laws.

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