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The show, which premieres March 9, follows two men each week in their quest to find a match online.Alex Stein, an entrepreneur, is a 27-year-old who is just looking for a hookup.Here are the differences between a guy looking for lust and a man looking for love online: Alex is no amateur: Since graduating from Louisiana State University in 2010, the Lothario has hooked up with more than 100 women he’s met online.“When I first moved to LA, I was trying to go in the bar scene, trying to meet girls. “Then a buddy of mine told me to try online dating.“Some of these survey questions are like, ‘Would you be willing to have sex on the first date?

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“There isn’t a Web site I haven’t perused,” Alex says.

Marcus Pierce, 37, a celebrity fitness trainer and creative director, wants to find his wife.

“It was all about learning how the guys were looking at women, how they look at their profile pages,” says Shari Levine, Bravo’s senior vice president of current production and original programming. It’s a real inside look into how this group of guys judge people.” The good news is, Levine says she learned that men are pretty honest in their own profiles about their relationship interests.

When we came up for air, I was dizzy, and had to shake my head to stop it from spinning. ‘No problem, I’ll text you the address of the house and you can come get me, we returned our rental car already s0 I don’t have a ride.’ ‘Sounds good! Then I stared at my screen as to what just transpired and I was in shock. And now here I was making out with him in his basement. Thankfully the food comes out quickly because I notice that he is getting hangry.

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I wanted him so badly, but I also wanted a relationship with him. Hangry is that point where you are so hungry you get irritated and angry because the blood sugar has dropped too low in the body thereby affecting one’s mood.I was drunk ass like normal and had gone to the bathroom to not only go pee, but I could tell I was very drunk and I wanted to take a breather from people. She doesn’t know where she is going, and as much as I’m drunk too, at least I know which way we have to go so she can meet up with this guy. I am amazing at starting something, then as quickly as the passion ignites, it seems to die off or I send mixed signals frustrating the hell out of guys until they eventually swim away.

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